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09/24/2018 06:35A ghost rider across Siberia    ( Livemint )
... 2018, the longest ultra-cycling race in the world, at Chita, a city in the vast eastern reaches of Russia. He was cycling to the checkpoint at Svobodny, ...
07/21/2018 00:20Far Eastern Ombudswoman's apartments searched over unlicensed sale of alcohol    ( )
The reason for this was the results of the audit, which revealed "the facts of selling alcohol in two catering establishments in the town of Svobodny and ...
06/07/2018 01:40Vostochny: Russian Launch Center in Siberia    ( )
Vostochny Cosmodrome is a Russian rocket launch site in the far east of the ... In the long term, Russia hopes to launch most of its space missions from ... considered opening another launch area in their country called Svobodny, ...
05/05/2018 02:50Combi Lift kicks off major project in Russia with tug delivery    (Heavy Lift)
Combi Lift delivers for Gazprom - Heavy Lift
02/24/2018 23:15Russian Workers Offered 1m Rubles to Take Jobs in Far East    ( Transitions Online )
Russia is sweetening the deal for workers who agree to relocate to the country's Far East in a bid to stave off further population loss and social decay. ... federal government development schemes, such as one that earmarks about $865 million for the town of Svobodny in the Amur oblast, RFE says.
02/07/2018 09:50New American Satellites Put Into Space, Thanks To Russia    ( Caspian News )
Located in Russia's Amur region near the Chinese border, the Vostochny cosmodrome sits about 3,500 miles (5,632 kilometers) east of Moscow, not far from an abandoned Soviet-era missile base called Svobodny, which itself hosted a handful of satellite launches. The first launch from the facility took ...
02/02/2018 18:40Russia opens 2018 campaign with Soyuz 2-1A launch of Kanopus-V    ( )
The site is intended to be a long-term replacement for the Baikonur Cosmodrome, which Russia has leased from Kazakhstan since the end of the Soviet Union. The launch site is built on the site of the old Svobodny missile base, which also supported a small number of orbital launches made by Start-1 ...
12/01/2017 01:55Gazprom Increases Spending In 2018    ( Gas Compression Magazine (press release) (blog) )
The Amur Gas Processing Plant, when completed in 2021, will be the largest gas processing facility in Russia. Located near the city of Svobodny, in Russia's Amur Region, it will serve as an essential link in suply of natural to China via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline. Construction of the Amur plant ...
11/29/2017 01:40Soyuz 2-1B launches with Meteor-M from Vostochny    ( )
Russia's Soyuz-2-1b rocket launched a Meteor-M weather satellite towards its ... Soyuz lifted off from the Vostochny Cosmodrome in eastern Russia at .... from Svobodny by solid-fuelled Start rockets, the first launch from Vostochny ...
09/09/2017 01:25Gazprom Pererabotka Blagoveshchensk receives residency status in Svobodny    ( EIN News (press release) )
The Svobodny PDA was created by the Russian Government's Resolution No. 673 dated June 3, 2017, in the municipalities of the Svobodnensky ...
09/07/2017 21:55Comprehensive Development of Cities. Initial Plans: Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Svobodny    ( TASS )
“Komsomolsk-on-Amur has seen a fourfold increase in industrial output,” said Artur Niyazmetov, Russia's Deputy Minister for the Development of the ...
08/11/2017 18:45Epic Russian cycling race reaches finish line after covering 9000km & 7 times zones in 24 days    ( RT )
Epic Russian cycling race reaches finish line after covering 9,000km & 7 times ... take them through five climatic zones across the vast expanse of Russia. ... the shortest in the event – to the mammoth 1,386km Chita-Svobodny stage, ...
08/08/2017 14:50Vostochny Cosmodrome undergoes maintenance work    ( )
Vostochny, whose name means “Eastern”, is built on the site of the former Svobodny missile base. Svobodny, which was the farthest East of Russia's ...
08/05/2017 04:05Power of Siberia Gas Pipeline Over Halfway Completed - Gazprom    ( Sputnik International )
SVOBODNY (Russia) (Sputnik) — Pipe welding of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline is now 53 percent complete, Anatoly Titov, the director general of ...
07/19/2017 09:15Russia has plans for Vostochny Cosmodrome    ( )
Russia has plans for Vostochny Cosmodrome ... On 27 June, Russia's Samara-based Progress Rocket Space Center hosted a meeting of the ... and later, in 1997-2006, by the Defense Ministry's Svobodny testing cosmodrome.
06/22/2017 21:05Combi Lift wins contract for major project in Russia    (Heavy Lift)
Combi Lift awarded Gazprom project - Heavy Lift
05/16/2016 04:40SS-25 Sickle TOPOL in 1/72...    ( Military Modelling )
This is one used as part of the START-1 Space Launch System at Svobodny in Russia and is certainly the brightest and most eye catching of the three ...
04/30/2016 20:55The New Vostochny Cosmodrome Brings Launches Back To Russian Soil    ( Universe Today )
Russia has other spaceports on its own territory. The Svobodny Cosmodrome is also located in Russia's far east, and at the same 51 degrees north as ...
04/27/2016 20:55Vostochny's maiden mission via Soyuz launch delayed 24 hours    (Russia Beyond the Headlines)
Russia's Vostochny Cosmodrome transforms the Far Eastern region - Russia Beyond the Headlines
04/25/2016 21:10Russia's New Vostochny Launch Site Ready for Action    ( )
Russia plans its first launch from the new Vostochny (Eastern) launch site ... Initially, Russia planned to build a new launch site at Svobodny (51.4œN, ...


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